New Year, New Me? Nah, Same Me, Different Attitude

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2017 is a breath of fresh air. Is it so different from 11:59 p.m. on December 31, 2016? Not really, but it’s all about perception. And I perceive the new year to be one of realized dreams, enjoyable experiences and new found focus.  See, ladies and gents, our perception can indeed shape our reality.  If you keep seeing the glass half empty instead of half full, then you’ll continue to be thirsty and think the worst of every situation.

Don’t get it twisted, some things that happen in life just suck beyond belief.  My Mom died and that sucked; my family isn’t as supportive as I need them to be during my time of need, that sucks; one of my good friends died, and I wasn’t ready to see him go, and that really sucked; Prince will never release new music, that sucks majorly; Trump is taking over the White House and basically appointed every homophobe, racist, sexist and xenophobe he could find to fill his cabinet, and that sucks (well, that more than sucks, but you get the point). Nevertheless, here’s the deal…life is not easy, at all. People die, people suffer, people live in poverty, people are hungry—and all that sucks.  But what doesn’t suck is that God gave us a wondrous, magnificent mind that allows us all to rise above our circumstances with a single thought.  Having a bad day, force yourself to smile… you might still be having a sh*&%y day, but at least for one moment it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  An oversimplification? Maybe, but at least trying to find the good in life as opposed to why it is always so bad, can only help, not hinder.

Next time you find yourself engulfed by negativity and negative thoughts, try shifting your perception of the situation. The only thing you can control, fully, is you.  When you remember that, it makes life go a whole lot more smoothly. And if those positive thoughts just aren’t flowing, find someone to talk to, preferably a therapist.  Just like physical health, your mental health is just as, if not more, important for survival.

I know this post was ALL OVER THE PLACE, but hey, that’s how I think. Per usual, comments/questions are always welcomed and encouraged.

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