I’m 40 Plus 1 and I’m Happy About It

I celebrated my personal new year on Wednesday, April 26 with laughter, light and a little longing.  Every single year on this side of Heaven is a gift, not to be wasted. Life has not been easy for me as of late; despite the fabulous events, pretty Instagram photos and all the accolades and press coverage, there’s been pain.  But, here is what’s true: I’m thankful for life. My late parents, especially my amazing mother, would want me to celebrate every single second of life I have left. The human biological existence is so fragile–we never know when God has decided that it is time.  So, I spent my 41st birthday, the first one without my mother’s magical presence,  with my love and my family…and it was perfect.

I want to thank everyone who showed me love via FB, Twitter, Linked In, texts, gifts and calls. Y’all are amazing. I have a fantastic village for that I’m very blessed.

Until later,



Image credit: Chuck Holliday

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